Our Vision

We aspire to be a catalyst for the sustainable energy revolution, transforming the energy landscape and revolutionizing the way we power our world while creating a better future for generations to come.

Our Mission

We are here to address the issues that impact the ability of sustainable energy projects to attract interest from investors by delivering comprehensive technical, commercial, legal, and financial services required during the development and operational phases of power plants.

Our Values

Our decisions and actions are guided by Integrity, Accountability and Dependability.


What do we do?

Our services enable clear analysis of technical, commercial, legal, and financial parameters of a project. Our core objective is to address issues which impact the ability of projects to attract interest from investors. We leverage our wide network of partners to provide services with extensive coverage throughout the Lifecyle of a project. 

Our satisfaction is when we help uncover value pockets for project stakeholders and contribute to the realisation of critical development and operating milestones within the life span of a power plant. 

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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is derived from energy resources that continuously naturally replenish themselves, and do not cause harm to the environment.

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Service Packages

Planning and Designing

The operating efficiencies of your power plant is key. It is therefore critical to secure optimal performance right at the design phase. Environmental sustainability, reliability and safety are equally critical factors that are core considerations during the planning and design phase.

Energy Yield Assessments

A comprehensive analysis of the potential energy yield of a power plant during its projected lifetime is critical in providing a robust background for financial modelling and providing investors with a solid background for taking a view on the economical viability of a project.

Techno-Commercial Evaluation

The technical specifications, operational considerations and commercial viability of the power plant are key pillars for assessing feasibility and profitability pre-construction.

Grid & Electrical Factors

The power plant is only as good as its ability to effectively and safely connect to a grid system and operate in a manner that contributes to the electrical system’s stability and reliability all in accordance with the established regulatory standards.

Project Documentation

Project documents are crucial throughout the entire lifecycle of a power plant. The rigorous development of these documents is therefore fundamental and key to enabling bankability. Our services for this scope include but would not be limited to document formulation, reviews, and negotiations with various stakeholders..

Construction and O&M

Delivering the quality aligned with the specifications of a power plant, in time and on budget is often challenging. Robust project management is crucial during the construction phase to secure quality and ensure successful completion within time and within budget.

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